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The History of Adizes and GeneXus

GeneXus Meeting – GX30

From November 28 to 30, 2023, at the Radisson Hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay. Register for free

In the 1980s, during a business breakfast in Brazil, Nicolás Jodal (CEO of GeneXus) had an encounter that would mark a before and after in the company’s history. That morning, he met Ichak Adizes, a consultant and expert in the democratization of organizations, known worldwide for developing the “Organizational Life Cycle” model, which describes the stages that companies go through as they grow and evolve.

What followed was a profound transformation in Jodal, who became a spokesperson for Adizes’ methodology in Uruguay and around the world.

Since then, at GeneXus, we have made respect and mutual trust fundamental pillars for operating and interacting with people.

We learned what a problem is and incorporated tools for decision-making, conflict management, understanding life cycles, and the secret to success in organizations.

We also learned how to conduct effective meetings and presentations (knowledge that we share and apply in all our events, including the GeneXus Meeting). We embraced Adizes’ PAEI nomenclature to understand and categorize leadership and management roles in our organization.

Adizes’ influence has also become evident in key GeneXus events, such as GeneXus Meeting – GX30, which will feature the special participation of Ichak Adizes, and GX27, which featured Shoham Adizes (son) as a speaker in the talk: The Future of Management.

For those who wish to explore these concepts further, we share The Adizes Journey, a collection of 20 videos that offer a deeper insight into the principles and practices that have transformed GeneXus.

To make this exchange even richer, we share this test, ideal for understanding our management style and that of others.

At GeneXus, we continue to leverage Adizes’ influence to thrive and evolve in an ever-changing business world.

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