Polak Group: Transformation into an intelligent company focused on the customer experience

This is the story of Polak Group, a conglomerate of Mexican companies that led the way by focusing on changing methodologies and processes using technology as a strategy for growth and greater profitability.

Polak Group has been in the Mexican chemicals market for 100 years and is made up of four companies: Polaquimia (chemicals and agrochemicals manufacturing); Dr. José Polak (sales of high quality products); Metapol (manufacturing of non-ferrous metal pigments); and Polatecnia (construction of industrial facilities).

It has been leading the way for a century in the manufacturing of innovative, biodegradable, and environmentally-friendly products for industry and retail in the agricultural segment.

We used to be a group of traditional companies until we understood the essential role that ICTs play in the business needs of an organization; the strategy is to change the customer experience cycle,” says Ruperto Hernández, IT Manager at Polak Group.

In 2014, they implemented their first ERP and in 2016 they started to use GeneXus for SAP Systems

By 2017, they had already made progress with specific developments, as told by Ruperto Hernández: “These were essential tools to consolidate our digital transformation. Technology was part of the automation and continuous improvement processes to achieve what every company seeks: greater profitability.”

Today, in 2020, they are a group of intelligent companies that have not only achieved a five-fold ROI, developing applications in only 10% of the time it used to take them before using GeneXus for SAP Systems, but also optimized their resources in a comprehensive manner, positively impacting the client experience.

The story behind the transformation described in detail by Polak’s technology team is very interesting. Find out how they met their goal of achieving a five-fold ROI, and, among other secrets, how they leveraged the possibility of developing flexible, fast and standardized multi-platform applications, thanks to the very short development times provided by our low-code development platform. To learn more, download the document Polak Group: Transformation into an intelligent company focused on the customer experience.

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