7 seminars that will unveil all that you can do with GeneXus For SAP Systems

GeneXus Meetings represent a great opportunity to be up-to-date and find out about the latest global trends regarding the world of technology, innovation and business.

Here we share with you the best 7 informal seminars from the GX28 Meeting, relative to the ERP SAP® and GeneXus For SAP Systems –the platform created by GeneXus for developing customized native apps that use SAP® Leonardo Machine Learning, integrated with SAP S/4HANA®, and executed on SAP Cloud Platform.

You can create customized native software experiences using SAP technology

Integrate SAP, non-SAP systems, APIs, ERPs, and more, into a single software solution.

In English


Building intelligent companies

In this presentation, Salvador Gimeno Desco, SAP Leonardo Machine Learning’s Chief of Business Development for Latin America, explains how the tool has been transforming corporate systems into intelligent autonomous environments.

In Portuguese


GeneXus CRM
Mobile, integrated with SAP B1

In this presentation, Flávio Silva –a programmer at Sil Sistemas,- details how they created a CRM Mobile application for Android and iOS, integrated with SAP Business ONE. In GeneXus, the app carries out the whole interaction via webserver with the SAP ERP.

In Spanish


A world of opportunities in the SAP market

The SAP market is undergoing significant changes technology wise, and though this has implied challenges for the client portfolio, it has also brought along innovation opportunities for those companies deciding to seed digital transformation with GeneXus. Don’t miss this interesting conference by Eugenio García, Product Manager for GeneXus For SAP.



GeneXus for SAP System. A tool revolving around SAP technology

In this presentation, Luis Murillo, SAP Program Manager at GeneXus, explains the functionalities and advantages of developing for the various SAP ecosystems with GeneXus For SAP.



Panel of partners: Experiences with GeneXus for SAP Systems

What are the opportunities available with GeneXus in the SAP market? Ignacio Dogliotti, General Manager at InovaBiz (Chile), along with Gustavo Rossel  -co-founder of Invenzis-,  Armando Cardozo –Business Director at Simplifica Software, and Eduardo Di Fabio -Software Factory Manager at Dvelop Software– (the last three headquartered in Uruguay) share the details, each based on his own experience.



Gerdau, GeneXus and SAP: towards digital transformation

Armando Cardozo (Simplifica Software) and Gabriel Campbell, IT analyst at Gerdau, tell us how they managed to lead this legendary company, specialized in turning trash into raw material, towards digital transformation at its Argentina and Uruguay locations, focusing on technology integration and artificial intelligence.



Data replication with SAP Smart Data Integration for developed cloud apps

Don’t miss this incredible analysis by Martín Piñeyro, the individual responsible for research and development at Invenzis, about the process executed by GeneXus to support the deploy of applications directly to SAP Cloud Platform using HANA as database.

Integrate SAP, non-SAP systems, APIs, ERPs, and more, into a single software solution.

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